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Wrapping It Up For Squats

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. I am currently squatting around 315 and my joints are pretty tight so far. But I really wanna keep it that way, too, so can you tell me when I should consider going to knee wraps? I have heard some people say they’re the only way to go at the weights I’m lifting, and have heard others say that it weakens your joints. What’s the word on the street?

A. You’re right, you never hear anyone talk about knee wraps, wrist wraps or other supports. I think they’re all valid training aids, no doubt, but some are more necessary than others. I think if your knees are doing fine at the weight you’re using, you should adhere to the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” theory. But before you get antsy to jump up in weight, train your legs at 315 for awhile, and increase reps, slow them down, do half reps, etc. so that you can strengthen your joints with what is universally considered a pretty healthy squat weight. Most people struggle with this weight. If you’re not, then keep it there and get really strong before you move on. See, this is something most people don’t do enough of—hanging in at one weight and getting really good at lifting it. You can get a lot out of sticking with one weight and working it, so to speak , to your adv antage. When you can do 15+ reps at that weight, and it feels relatively easy, then you can move on. This is how you keep your knee joints sound. Trust me on that! If you take your time, you’ll alwa ys have good knees— whether you use knee wraps or not. And, in fact, while I think knee wraps are great when you are going for maximum lifts, they don’t help you strengthen joints, they just help you cushion them. So, in other words, I do agree that they have their place, but only when you truly are going to jump up in weight well beyond what you normally lift. Otherwise, I believe they can, in fact, weaken your knee joints because they are sheltered from becoming stronger.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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