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Androstenediol Supplements

Like regular Androstenedione, Androstenediol (also called Androdiol, 4-androstene-3 beta 17 beta-diol, or just 4-AD) is a natural androgen metabolite. It can be found in all meat products, and chemically is a direct precursor to testosterone.

Again like Androstenedione, when Androdiol is taken orally it is converted in the liver through an enzymatic pathway into testosterone. But Androdiol is converted into testosterone by way of an entirely different enzyme than androstenedione. This is one of the reasons why stacking androstenedione and androdiol may prove to be a particularly potent testosterone boosting formula-each converts through distinct enzymes.

Androdiol also seems to convert to testosterone at a much greater rate than androstenedione. An often cited early study in the Journal Acta Endocrinoligica suggests that androdiol converts to testosterone at a rate of nearly 16%, while androstenedione converts at a rate slightly below 6%.

While further studies are necessary, this one suggests that androdiol's conversion to testosterone is more efficient resulting in a more androgenic response in the body.

The bottom line is that supplementing with androdiol should increase blood levels of testosterone significantly.

To help alleviate any unwanted side-effects, supplement with Chrysin (to diminish aromatization) and Saw Palmetto (to battle DHT related problems).

Note: Androstenediol is no longer legal in the U.S. - Click To Buy Androstenediol Alternative Suppplement

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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