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Tips On How You Can Get The Biggest Biceps Possible

If you want to get bigger biceps you are going to have to earn them! Here are a few tips to help you increase the chances of earning the biggest biceps possible for you:

1. Know that your arms will grow when you add muscle weight. Assuming that you have medical approval to add bodyweight, your arms will grow with the increased strength and increased bodyweight you attain. Even if the only lifts you ever did were the squat, bench press, and deadlift and you gained 10 lbs of muscle your arms would have to become bigger. This would be the case even if you did not do any curls or rowing exercises for your back.

2. Visualize your workouts. Recall a time when you had a great workout and then go back and relive that experience in your mind. When you are feeling, seeing, and hearing everything which took place touch a part of your body like your wrist. Do this visualization/touch combination a few times and you will have set an "anchor." Right before your workout, touch that anchor and get ready for a great biceps workout (or any other muscles you are working that day).

3. Safety is paramount, so keep your form strict.

4. Squeeze at the top of the bicep movement and concentrate.

5. If there is any question at all, slow down your repetition speed. Even if you have to lower the weight used, make sure that you work the muscle thoroughly.

6. Heavy rows, chin-ups, pulldowns, etc. will work the biceps muscle intensely. Again, have prior medical approval, use proper exercise form for safety, and note the indirect stimulation your biceps get when you do rowing movements.

More information on how to train and get great biceps can be found at Metroflex Gym Training

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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