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The History of Bodybuilding Clothing


When bodybuilding began in the late 1800s', there was no established type of clothing to wear. People were free to wear whatever made them the most comfortable, and this trend continues today to some extent. But most people who perform bodybuilding exercises at least wear clothing while they do so.

In the early days of bodybuilding, men would often lift weights without shirts on. They felt they were in a natural element when they weren't wearing a shirt. They didn't have to worry about the heavy clothing of that time restricting their movements and overheating them. As time passed the advancements in clothing material made special clothing appropriate for bodybuilding.

Clothing made purely of cotton proved too hot and restrictive for bodybuilding. People began to experiment with more synthetic forms of clothing in the 1930's. Spandex grew in popularity during this time. Bodybuilders in Olympic competitions would wear spandex to help them lift. And they also wore it on stage when they were performing for the shows.

It wouldn't be long until most bodybuilders would remove the sleeves from their shirts when they lifted weights. Tank top shirts and other sleeveless shirts became popular in the 1940's. These tank tops afforded bodybuilders plenty of freedom when they moved around the weight rooms and pushed the heavy weights for their repetitions. And the tank tops also gave them an excuse to show off for the ladies on the way to or from the gym. People often recognized bodybuilders in this time by their large frames and sleeveless shirts.

People also scrapped the idea of wearing pants during bodybuilding sessions. People almost always wear gym shorts to perform bodybuilding exercises these days. These shorts are often made of the same materials as the tank top shirts they wear. The shorts are supposed to be light in weight. They provide plenty of flexibility so that the person performing the exercises can get the best range of motion.

People realized over time that lighter materials also provide enough comfort and support for bodybuilding activities. If you are looking for clothing to begin a bodybuilding lifestyle, ask around at a local gym. The people there will be able to help you come up with a good outfit for the gym. Don't make the mistake of buying clothing made of cotton for the gym. You will sweat a lot, and you need clothing that can help your skin breathe.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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