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Bodybuilding Leg Workout
Time To Get Those HUGE Legs!

By: Bodybuilding ONLINE

As you may or may not know, if you want to get big you have to lift big!  Size goes hand in hand with strength and the only way to get stronger is to lift more weight.  Ask any of the "freaks" at your gym, they will tell you without hesitation.

Possibly one of the most overlooked and underrated single exercise for building serious legs (quadriceps to be more specific) is the front squat.  When done correctly, the front squat is the single most effective mass building exercise.  I recommend working legs once a week and I always alternate between front and back squats from week to week (never do them on the same day).  

Of course the most important thing is to keep the strictest form possible!  Don't sway back and forth or from side to side.  Keep your back straight and your head up.  It is easiest when you pick a spot on the wall or ceiling and keep your eyes focused on it.  Don't watch yourself in the mirror and if your new to squatting you should be sure you have an experienced spotter at your disposal.  Always warm up and stretch!

Example routine: For front and back squats.
Adjust the weights according to your ability

1 x 10 with the bar only
1 x 10 at 135
1 x 5  at 225
1 x 5  at 315
4 x 3  at 405

Back Squat:

Front Squat:

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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