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The Truth About Bodybuilding Magazines
and Bodybuilding Supplements

By Wesley James

If  you're reading these words, its very likely you've become at least a little disillusioned with most of the bodybuilding magazines. They've sold you supplements that don't work; like sterols, glandulars and colostrum. They've offered you directly conflicting training advice; often in the same issue. I know, you've read articles recommending 20 to 30 sets per body part in split or double-split routines and one-set-to-failure in the same month. The truth about Steroid use has been systematically suppressed by all but one of the national publications. And the hypocrisy of pro bodybuilding on the subject is beyond credible denial. Nevertheless, through all this, most bodybuilders remain convinced of two facts:

Only Progressive Resistance exercise can produce big muscles.

Nutritional supplements can help build big muscles faster.

Fortunately, both are true. Because of your belief, if you're like most serious bodybuilders, you spend $20 or more a month on muscle magazines; hundreds of dollars a month on supplements sold to you by those magazines; and uncounted additional dollars on gym memberships, home exercise equipment and workout clothing. You may then add tapes, posters, books, etcetera for motivation and occasionally special, hyped training courses from your favorite experts. Still, you're not content with the results you're getting. You wish, hope, or is it fear, there is more stuff they're not telling you. Obviously, the bodybuilding magazines are disappointing you. You know the magazines can't be too concerned with truth, too much of their income comes from advertisers. Advertisers have a commitment to sales and hype but certainly not truth.

Like you, we are committed to creating the best body our genetics will allow. Like you, we're willing to invest time, effort and energy to attain that goal. (We have done so for more than thirty years.) Where we differ is in our knowledge of biochemistry and physiology and, equally important, access to the research in those fields.

What we will do is give you the very best information we can develop on healthy ways to improve the size, shape and tone of your muscles while maintaining rational bodyfat levels; in short, aesthetic muscle. In this era of drug enhanced physiques, the result bar is high but we will do our level best to help cut through the hype to the myogenic, lipotropic and ergogenic truth. Moreover, we will do it proceeding from the assumption that you, the readers, are intelligent and willing to engage that intelligence toward understanding how and why various practices may be effective. At the same time, we won't assume you are or want to become a biochemist or muscle physiologist. A certain amount of scientific nomenclature and jargon will inevitably have to be understood to make some discussions comprehensible but we will endeavor to avoid the use of techno-speak so often encountered in some other journals. We recognize there is a difference between fat and adipose fat (the kind stored by your body) but nothing is gained by referring to adipose fat as "biological lipid deposits". (I actually read that phrase in one of the more successful magazines.) In our opinion, "serum lipids" is a useful term of art while "biological lipid deposits" is pedantic bull shit.

In any event, we hope you'll find our effort a practical aid to your efforts. I know from personal experience that a few small tips have turned around serious problems that have plagued me for years. Finally, we will include observations, opinions, and other editorial commentary relevant to the serious fitness advocate. These relatively brief editorials will add color to what could otherwise be rather dry if very interesting fare. In closing, permit me to add that we will appreciate your comments. Feel free to drop us a line.

Copyright © 1996 Physique Tools and Wesley James

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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