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Creatine and Body Building
Get Mean with Creatine

By: Aj DiCaprio

Aj, do you take creatine? What is your opinion on creatine?  This is a question in a lot of my E-mail and from friends at the gym.  My answer, yes I do.  From my own experience, creatine taken in the right way in conjunction with the right diet and work out program does show some results. 

Personally I watch very carefully my intake of sugar and carbohydrates to keep myself lean and cut. However, when I take creatine I take it with some sort of sugar, and carbohydrate.  If it is the pure creatine, I mix it with reduced calorie fruit juice cut with water, or I mixed 1 scoop of fruit punch Creatine with diet snapple cranberry or pink lemonade. So I use the pure Creatine in the diet snapple either mixed with a diet fruit juice or regular fruit juice cut with water 2-3 times a day after my loading period.

Creatine is what our body naturally supplies to our muscle for energy and repair.  It is found in meat and fish.  It would be impossible to consume the amount needed to build muscle just by our diet. That is why I take it as a supplement to my meals in the powder form.  In order to build and maintain a hard body and consistent strength, you need to keep a positive nitrogen balance in your muscles. I have read that creatine does that, as well as helps with your bodies ability to process protein for muscle growth. 

It also helps with something called cell volumizing.  This is the process where water is absorbed into your muscles.  This will explain the hardness and pump when you are on creatine. I found that "cell volumizing" is also enhanced when your water intake is constant and you have increased potassium in your diet. 

From what I read, and the studies I see, creatine does not increase your testosterone levels but simple helps feeding your muscles with what they need to grow and get stronger.  I also have heard that it may retain water.  Maybe so, once again your diet is key when it comes to water retention.  I do however cut the creatine out for a period of time every 6 weeks or so, and lay off it prior to a photo shoot.  I can tell you when I load up again I feel the difference. I have not yet heard anything about negative affects from the use of creatine. 

So what is my answer?  I use it. It is one of the very few supplements that I consistently buy, and I have tried thousands.  I can not stress enough the importance of your diet, that is why these products are called supplements...they are in addition to good meals and eating habits. 

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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