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Bodybuilding Hair Removal
Staying Smooth...Shaving Your Body

By: Aj DiCaprio

Why?... Well to be a smart ass, why not?  Honestly it is just how you prefer to look.  Some men prefer facial hair on themselves and some women prefer facial hair on their men.  The same goes for body hair.  Others will argue that hair on your chest is a man's right god meant for it to be there so it should remain there.  But then how do they explain shaving their face, should you allow your beard to grow to your knees? It is about grooming, the right to be who you want and look how you want. As far as the masculinity part I keep hair where it counts and when it comes to that area there is no question about my masculinity. 

The truth is that when a bodybuilder works hard at sculpting his body, and defining every cut and detail removing the hair showcases that hard work. I don't think anyone would want to see a hairless 400 pound man. But whatever the reason it is about a choice and if you choose to shave your chest, legs and butt, you should know how to do it properly.  A hairless buff guy with razor burn, rash and bumps is no more attractive to look at then the hairless 400 pound man.  This article is not to promote shaving your chest but to respond to those who have asked me how I do it. 

How to shave?

The Chest...If you have never shaved your chest before and have a thick growth, start by taking a look in the mirror and trimming your hair close to the skin, you can do that one of two ways 1) a scissors, or 2) a buzzer.  Then get in the shower and let warm to hot water run on you for a few minutes.  Lather up, wash normally and rinse.  Then step out of the water stream and put shaving cream on your chest. Take a clean, sharp new razor ( I use the Gillette Sensor razor with the pivoting head) and shave your chest, slowly and carefully avoiding the nipple area. Nothing is worse then knicking a nipple.  Now, the question is do you shave with the hair growth or against it.  I personally shave against the growth for a closer shave but, everyone's hair texture and skin is different so experiment.  Rinse the razor constantly to keep the blades unclogged, and reapply the shaving cream as often as you need to.  NOTE:  it is not necessary to bathe in the shaving cream, that too will clog the razor, just apply enough to cover the skin and lubricate the razor.  

When you finished, wash with an antibacterial soap and rinse.  Remember that you have exposed new exfoliated skin and your pores are open.  You may experience some very minimal bleeding and redness, again this depends on your skin type and hair thickness but it should subside about 30 minutes after your shower.  But always after shaving, as you should with your face splash an astringent on to soothe your skin and close your pores.  I have used expensive astringents but the one I find works the best and burns the least is witch hazel.  You can get it at any drug store or supermarket for a few bucks.  I then apply an aloe or similar non greasy unscented skin moisturizer. 

The Legs...If you choose to shave your legs with a razor, just follow the same procedures for shaving your legs as you would your chest, described above.  But how I personally shave my legs is different then I do my chest.  I went to a professional beauty supply store and bought what they call a "number 1" buzzer.  To my knowledge it trims closest to your skin.  The one I have shaves so close that it looks as if I waxed or shaved with a razor.  Now for me, that may be because I do not have hairy legs to begin with.  I can get away with shaving every 3 weeks where as with my chest I shave once a week. 

The Butt...Again I am not hairy there either so I use the same buzzer that I use for my legs. 

The Back...For your back you will need help, have a friend or partner use the buzzer to remove any patches of hair you may get on you back.  I personally do not recommend waxing for the back. I only get a small dusting of hair at my lower back and center lats so it has not been that much of an issue for me but with the rest of my body smooth it is more obvious so I just remove it all.  Your back is the oiliest part of your body and is the most difficult to clean.  Waxing your back removes a layer of skin, and could cause bumps and irritation.  It also exposes your back to bacteria and dirt that could cause breakout.  Although it maybe more difficult and more time consuming to shave the hair off, I have gotten the best results for years just doing what I am doing. 

As far as your arms, feet and hands I shave it all, again for the purposes of my business, but I have buddies that just like to be smooth and shave just for the look.  It is 1 year away from the 21st century almost anything goes.  It is your presentation and attitude about yourself that really counts anyway.

Just be smart about what you do to your body and use common sense.  If you are unsure of something, ask someone who knows and always remember that to look your best it takes some effort.  Experiment with a part of your body first to test what kind of hair you have and what kind of reaction you will have to shaving.  The skin on your face is typically more resistant to irritation then the skin on the rest of your body.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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