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Calcium and Bodybuilding

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According to a professor of medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University most people in the US do not meet their minimal daily requirement of calcium.

Are You Getting Enough Calcium?

First of all you need to establish how much calcium you need. Women and men 19 to 50 years should get at least 1000 mg a day. Keep in mind that these are minimal requirements and a few hundred milligrams over will cause no harm and may even be more beneficial, yielding at about 2500mg a day.

Some non-dairy calcium containing foods are:
Broccoli contains 82mg of calcium per cup (cooked).
Sardines have 420mg per 213g serving.
Clams and Oysters have about 200mg per cup.
Kale, Turnip greens and Mustard greens have about 200mg per cup (cooked).
Soy milk has between 200 and 500 mg per cup.
Calcium-fortified orange juice contains about 320 mg per cup.
Calcium-fortified cereals have about 200 mg per cup.

Adding more dairy foods to your diet can be of major benefit, one cup of milk has 315mg of calcium and yogurt has around 260mg per cup serving! Further more lactose (or milk sugar) improves calcium absorption as does Vitamin D and proteins.

If a change in diet is not desired or possible using a calcium supplement is safe, effective and inexpensive. If you do decide to add a calcium supplement to your diet make sure you take it with food to aid in absorption and spread your intake though out the day. There are many forms of calcium on the market but the body absorbs all with similar efficiency.

Reading the nutritional indications of foods that you eat is an easy way to monitor your calcium intake. Having healthy bones and avoiding osteoporosis is as simple as eating right and/or taking a supplement.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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