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Cardio and Weight Lifting

I have some new recommendations about cardio. I used to advocate it highly. Then, I completely damned it. I now realize I erred both times. This is my new set of ideas about it: Cardio is not the answer to long time physical fitness as some deam it to be. It is also not as awful as others would lead you to believe. I feel that weight training is the best way to go about managing body composition and body fat levels. However, cardiovascular training does have many benefits.

First, it increases the body's ability to use fat reserves. It also strengthens the heart and allows for a lower resting heart rate. It also gets the blood flowing nicely and can loosen you up before a workout or on days when you are sore.

Having said that, too much cardio can cause you to secrete too much cortisol and you could start to lose muscle. It also can take precious energy reserves that otherwise could be used for recovery, and use them to fuel your cardio workouts.

My recommendation as of right now is cardio does have value, but it isn't as high as many may believe or as low as others believe. Cardio every day even when dieting will result in lost muscle mass. But cardio 1-3 times per week at moderate intensity for 20-45 minutes is the best way to go if you use it. This wil aid in cardiovascular conditioning, not give you ripped abs or thick legs. Use it with caution. Bodybuilders are not endurance athletes.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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