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Cheat Meals and Diet Cheat Days
Reward Yourself and Still Lose Weight

By Shaun Campbell

Trying to Lose weight? Donít be afraid to reward yourself with a "forbidden" food. Doing so will satisfy the craving and help you stick to your new healthy eating habits. However you must be following your healthy eating habits on a daily basis for this approach to work.

For example, if you are sticking to your plan M-F and on Saturday you want to go out for dinner and eat whatever you were craving all week than do it. I am not kidding. If you crave pizza and wings and you have been "good" all week then go for it. I encourage it. But be careful this approach can back fire if you are "rewarding" yourself every other day.

Use the reward approach as motivation. For example, all week be "good" and on Saturday go out to your favorite restaurant for whatever you like. But remember to get right back on track afterwards.

This is not a license to splurge. Reward yourself occasionally when warranted.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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