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Cybergenics Workout Review

By Daniel

I, and a friend of mine, tried Cybergenics "Total Body Building System", we did an 8 week "cycle". For those who don't know, the training program outlined in the manual was quite intense. There were many sets per body part, then you did drop sets, negatives and anything to totally "destroy" a muscle's contracting ability.

I'd like to say at this point that my recovery ability was never even to be considered "good". I always had a problem with recovery but my friend didn't. He could recover after a similar workout to mine in about 2 days, while I took 7 or even longer. "Something" changed during that one-and-only 8 week period while on Cybergenics. We trained 7 days per week, 2 hours per day. We went to the gym each day at 8 am and went to sleep at around 1 am ! Yes, we only slept for about 6 hrs !! We didn't really pay attention to the "diet" part of the program and followed maybe half of what they said. I was 6'4" and 220 lbs and consumed about 100 grams of protein !! Again, our diet was nothing to write home about. Anyway, we trained HARD, VERY HARD ! We, many times, doubled the amount of sets and mostly did about 25 - 30 sets per body part ! THESE WERE ALL DONE TO COMPLETE NEGATIVE FAILURE !!! Most times we had to sit around for 30 minutes after the workout just to be able to walk to our car or lift our keys for that matter !

For some reason I recovered as well as my training partner. My chest or back or legs were VERY sore for about a day or two and then I did these again 2 or 3 days later ! We utilized a split system where we did different body parts on Mon, Tues, Wed and started again on Thurs, Fri, Sat. But again, we went over what was to be done by coming in on Sunday also ! So we ate small, slept little and took the "supplements" and trained VERY hard ! High volume and high intensity for 8 weeks ! People in our "health club" complained that we were making them uncomfortable ! LOL Supposedly these people were scared of our "intensity" !

But anyway, my friend, even though he ate very little gained 10 lbs of lean mass and I gained about the same. Our recovery was so good that we simply could not train "too hard". After I finished the cycle and "supplements", I tried to train the same way but boy did I ever regret attempting that. I couldn't recover and was forced to train with less sets and intensity and have more days off.

Now, you can call this ridiculous but I know what I felt during those 8 weeks and it ain't the "placebo effect" my friend.

P.S. One more thing .. My friend did another 6 months worth of cycles right after our "8 weeks" and gained some 40 lbs of muscle. He, this time, ate a lot of good food with lots of protein.

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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