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Cybergenics Phase 1 Review

Reprinted from MuscleMag International

Did you ever wonder why top bodybuilders were able to develop thier massive physiques? ...and why some people cannot?

Well, the explanation is simple. Recent reliable research clearly shows that developing the proper and metabolic starting point is absolutely necessary for future growth of massive muscles.

Cybergenics Phase 1 ia a comprehensive program meticulously designed by some of the top sports medical authorities, to create a metabolic foundation which creates greatly accelerated muscle growth.

Cybergenics pioneered hi-tech perfomance nutrition with it's flagship product, the Total Bodybuilding System. While this was heralded as "an immensely potent muscle building tool" by both athletes and scinetists alike, it is often too advanced for those just starting out. In response to this Cybergenics created, the Phase 1 Anabolic Muscle Building Cycle. This revolutionary product employs the same proven muscle building principles as the Total Bodybuilding System, but is designed for the beginner to intermediate athlete.

Cybergenics Phase 1 ia a must for all serious athletes looking for fast and massive muscle growth. It contains 5 synergistic supplement formulas that are based on the "anabolic matrix alteration" theory.

The Phase 1 System Manual offers state-of-the-art guidelines on nutrition and advanced muscle buidling workout techniques used by the pros to get and keep their massive muscular physiques. This covers the Zero-effort principle, Muscle tuning and programing principles, as well as the new revolutionary variable threshold stimulation (VST) methodologies.

Phase 1 is 100% safe, 100% natural and free from any negitive side-effects whatsoever. It is scientifically engineered to add massive slabs of lean dense muscle for beginner to intermediates while concurrently decreasing bodyfat.

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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