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Daily Protein Intake Advice & Tips
Recommended Protein Intake

How do I use it? I mix my protein powder with peanut butter. I love my special mix of almond butter, peanut butter, sesame butter, Lemmon's Oil and just enough powder to equal a 3 to 1 ratio of protein to fat. I take my Glandular Complex along with it for an added boost but the mix is spread on celery or eaten by itself. You cannot find a healthier meal replacement.

Persons with kidney stones may benefit from this snack but keep in mind that not all protein supplements are created equal. The one you have now may work against you. One thing's for certain... The better the protein... The better the results... And you need to provide your muscles with the nutrients to repair, rebuild, and grow... Every moment of every day...

But how much protein is it you need? How many times have you heard the statement, "You can get all the protein you need from a normal diet?" My question is, "Need for what? And what is normal?" To sustain life you need about 36 grams of protein per 100 lb. of bodyweight. That's enough if you lay on your back without blinking each day...

To regenerate health you may want to supplement the diet with Protein Powder as to ensure you are not deficient... To build muscle however... Recent research has shown three times the "normal" amount "might be enough" to obtain maximum increases in strength and lean mass.... Every... Single... Day...

Test this theory for yourself. Try doubling your protein intake with for a few days. After you see that increasing your food works for a spell, next try adding our Complete Protein Powder and watch what happens. It only takes a matter of days to notice a big difference in terms of muscularity, fat loss and strength. Increasing your complete protein intake almost always results in greater fitness levels. It maxes out the amino acid content of the muscles, giving them a harder, fuller appearance.

Your hormonal system also gets a boost and switches over from fat storing to a fat burning mode through the release of hormones like glucagon. This fat burning hormone is released in response to a greater protein to essential fat (found in our Lemmon's Oil) ratio in your diet. If you cannot physically eat five or six times a day you can try supplementing or replacing a minor meal with a quick Complete Protein Powder scoop mixed in water (it takes seconds and does not require a blender). However, one of the easiest, yet most neglected ways to use our complete protein powder is to take it right along with your existing protein meals.

Not only will it increase your total protein intake, but the heightened amounts of essential amino acids will complete the amino profile of your whole food sources giving you even greater protein utilization for sure fire results. Is this too much protein at one time? Only if you want to stay small, weak or unhealthy! Forget the myth that you should only eat thirty grams of protein at one time. You actually digest 1/3 of your lean mass pounds in grams of protein per meal (i.e. 180 pounds of lean mass means you can easily have 60 grams of protein a feeding)... 

You'll never get anywhere ignoring this information. I mix 2/3 a cup of powder with ice water and 1 TB of Lemmon's Oil with about 12 oz water in a glass 30 minutes before my workouts... I also eat 6 all food meals... I admit, sometimes tasteless powder is boring. This is why I add peppermint oil and pure vanilla as well, but not often. Then again, I am not trained to be a sugar addict like those who refuse to give up their cake batter either...

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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