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Gym Intensity For A Better Workout
Diversify Your Routine

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. I am currently on a program of training 5 days per week (M-F), training every body part just once. I do Legs on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Chest on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday and Arms on Friday. I fit ab’s and calves in when I can, or on weekends. My question is, when should I stop doing this routine and move on to another? I’m still seeing some gains, but know that trading up is the key to growth. Also, should I be doing something else within this routine to create more growth?

A. Use a workout routine for as long as you can use it. Usually, that means that you use it until the effect you get it from it begins to fade. You’ll know, within a week one way or another, if something has stopped working for you. Some people say to arbitrarily switch workout routines based on a set schedule, but this is bullshit! Don’t trade up just to meet some calendar deadline! Every body responds differently to workout training, and you may get a lot more mileage out of this than others. This routine has experienced a great deal of interest and popularity; and for good reason! The routine actually does work. But there are a few things you can do, as you asked, to make it even more effective. Since the effectiveness of a routine, drug or supplement is limited to a certain time frame (determined by your own body), you need to know how to figure that out and when to jump ship. Keep an ongoing log of what you’re doing currently, what changes you make along the way and why you made them, and when you see a dip in effectiveness. Next time you use that routine, you’ll have a guide by which to predict what will happen, and will also have a means by which to compare how you have changed from now to then. The other things you can do—and they are many—are to make sure that each day is jammed full of intensity. The mistake a lot of people make doing this particular routine is that they fail to inject enough workout intensity into each day. They train only about as hard as they would if they were training that body part twice weekly. This isn’t enough to see near the gains you should. I don’t mean increasing reps or sets necessarily (though this is one way), I mean making each rep and set count. Go deep within yourself and find what those limits are. Do them…religiously. And don’t wimp out!

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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