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Endurox R4 Recovery Drink Review

What is Endurox R4 Performance/Recovery Drink?

Breakthrough research conducted over the past five years has redefined how the exercising muscle optimally performs and recovers. This research has shown that 1) free radical build-up slows the recovery process 2) insulin is key in replenishing muscle glycogen stores and rebuilding protein 3) the ratio of carbohydrate to protein called the Optimum Recovery Ratio (OR2) is critical in optimizing glycogen restoration and 4) certain natural agents can significantly reduce exercise induced muscle stress. These findings are the foundation of a new model for optimizing muscle recovery called the R4 System. In 1997, leading exercise physiologists met in Colorado Springs, Colorado to formulate a technically advanced sports drink based upon this new model. The result: Endurox R4 Recovery/Performance Drink.

What results can I expect with Endurox R4?

In studies against the leading sports drink, Endurox R4 delivered equal hydration effectiveness and was proven to:

- Enhance performance and extend endurance by 55%

- Decrease post-exercise muscle stress by 36%

- Reduce free radical build-up of by 69% thereby protecting against muscle damage

- Increase insulin levels by 70%, thereby speeding the replenishment of muscle glycogen stores and the rebuilding of protein

How is Endurox R4 different from other sports drinks?

Endurox R4 is the first product formulated and proven by clinical studies to address the four key factors of the R4 System essential for maximizing muscle performance - restore electrolytes; replenish glycogen rapidly; reduce muscle and oxidative stress; and rebuild muscle protein.

When should I take Endurox R4?

Endurox R4 is both a performance and recovery drink. It is effective when taken during exercise but should always be taken within 1 hour after exercise to receive its full benefits.

How can I tell if Endurox R4 is working?

You should feel the benefits almost immediately - less soreness and a stronger workout the next day.

Why is insulin important?

Insulin is the "master recovery hormone". Insulin regulates glycogen replenishment post exercise and also maintains muscle protein by preventing breakdown and stimulating the rebuilding of protein. Because Endurox R4 maximizes insulin levels it produces a faster and stronger recovery.

What is the importance of OR2?

Although researchers have noted that protein can provide a number of essential benefits in the recovery process, too much protein can actually slow restoration of glycogen and rehydration. Endurox R4 is unique because it provides the ideal Optimum Recovery Ratio (carbohydrate to protein 4:1) to deliver the benefits of protein without negatively affecting rehydration and glycogen restoration. Endurox R4 is so unique it has a patent pending.

How does Endurox (ciwujia) help in the recovery process?

ENDUROX (standardized extract of ciwujia) has been shown to bolster the body's defense mechanisms, a key benefit for the training athlete, as well as to reduce stress during exercise.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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