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Feminine Muscle

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When in the gym, I get questions from women about how to correctly lift a weight, use a machine, etc. When I start to help them, 9 out of 10 of the women will ask:

"How can I train to increase my muscle, and at the same time remain feminine looking?" As a personal trainer, I have a couple of answers. First, for women, Im a real big believer in strength training. By eating properly, a lot of nutrient packed food that is not dense in fat, you can really keep your feminine look intact. I think it is great when a woman wants to stay lean. It is important to train hard to retain and create more curves on your body. I believe a woman must keep a little bit of fat in order to train heavy and gain lean muscle tissue. That extra fat will also keep you feminine looking. I dont mean that you should actually be "fat." Women naturally carry a little more fat than men because of their biological makeup. I am simply suggesting not to fight with that little bit extra. Its what makes a woman a woman, and distinguishes her from a man while still having muscle. I dont think that a woman can look like a man no matter how hard she trains, as long as she isnt chemically enhanced. Do as much as you can with your body, as heavy or as light as it is, and you will still remain feminine. I should also add that femininity, as a concept, is really found within, rather than with the size of a biceps or quad. Its a state of mind and an issue of gender, not lean muscle mass.

Also, I think most women are going to be able to weight train bodybuilding style (each bodypart twice per week....maybe one heavy day and one light day) and still be able to maintain your femininity. There are only a handful of girls who have the capacity for large muscle size gains. Its kind of an extraordinary phenomenon. Most women, I really believe are not going to put on that much masculine muscle mass from just a regular bodybuilding regimine. Women who train will sculpt their bodies and develop nice curvature rather than build a hu amount of muscle. I recommend a heavy day for each bodypart per week and a light day. The heavy day would involve low repititions - anywhere from 6 - 10 reps -- and the light day (with at least two days of rest between the two) would feature 10 - 15 reps.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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