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Gamma Oryzanol Supplement Review

What Is Gamma Oryzanol?

Gamma Oryzanol is the extract of Rice Bran Oil in an oil base. Many companies have tried to copy our product but none get the same results and this is why. We use the highest grade Gamma Oryzanol (pharmaceutical grade) available, from a secret source. There is a limited supply of this special Gamma Oryzanol. Many use a cheap grade of Gamma Oryzanol from China in powdered form. Since it is so impure it is cheaper and this makes their costs lower but also makes their product less effective.

Another problem is the use of Gamma Oryzanol in powdered form mixed with water. This substance won’t dissolve in water only fat, so unless it is in an oil base it won’t be absorbed.

So when deciding which product with Gamma Oryzanol to use, ask- Is it an oil base? And Is it pharmaceutical grade? Here are some of the beneficial effects some have reported:

• Increased Muscle Mass
• Increased Calmness, Less Nervousness
• Healthier
• Increased Strength and Energy
• Better Performance

These effects are due to the chemical composition of the Gamma Oryzanol molecule. It is a plant sterol which is similar in structure to steroids but has none of the dangerous side effects. It is a natural alternative that doesn’t test.

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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