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Gym Rants

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I think this section is needed. This section could be a venting place for all Underground members to vent their frustrations , share their odd happenings that occur in the gym, or how the public looks at them. I will start this dance.

Sometimes I ask myself is getting huge worth it? I dont mind the pain, the time, the exhaustion, the soreness, the whey protein farts (ha ha). But the main thing I do the bodybuilding thing is for myself. It helps me feel better about myself. Some people like to feel better about themselves by performing better at their jobs, being the best father/mother they can be, being the best husband/wife they can be. I think wanting to feel good about yourself is universal; everybody wants to. I believe that being accepted or admired by other people, especially by the opposite sex is one of the best ways one can feel good about themself. Doing better at your job, being a better lover/friend to your better half, and being a better parent are all very important things. More important than being huge with muscles. But in my thinking, taking care of your body will raise your confidence in yourself, which in turn helps you to like yourself, thus will help you perform better at being a husband/wife/lover or a parent, or if your not currently one of the aforementioned, will help you excel in your career.

As a male, I love to get the attention of a female. Most women would prefer their men to be in shape. When I ask women what their version of being in shape is, they want to see lean muscle, abs, and nice buns. Most dont care about how much muscle. But, when I show pics of the men in Flex magazine, most women cringe when they see the bodybuilder with the bulging muscles and veins sticking out. But to my surprise, most of the women I asked were unaware that the bodybuilders dont look like that all the time. I explain to them that they look like that because they have pumped up their muscles due to the strain of lifting heavy weights, they dont look like this when just walking down the street. But the pics usually do not show the models body in the relaxed state. But being dedicated to bodybuilding for as long as I have, I have grown pretty large in the muscle state. I do attract attention. I also compound that by wearing rag tops, tank tops, spandex pants out to casual places. But for going out to the movies or to a casual dinner, most of us may opt to wear something from the Otomix or Gorilla wear catalogues. I mean, we work hard for every ounce of muscle we get, why not be proud and show it off?

Also, in my gym, I and my workout partner have the luxury/curse of being being the biggest guys in the gym. Like yourselves--our workouts are intense. We scream, grunt, yell and push each other. When we workout, we keep to ourselves, but we attract alot of attention. After our workouts, my partner goes home. I tend to hang around. Its question and chit/chat time. Im a very friendly person and very approachable in the gym. After our workout, you can come up to me if you like, bullshit, ask questions, or whatever. I like people. Sometimes I dont. I know, your asking why is being the biggest in the gym a curse, well here is the rant. In the gym, there are different kinds of annoying people. Here is a list of them with explanations:

1. The "Heydudes"- These are the young guys that come up to experienced lifters and bodybuilders to ask a question while they are working out and interrupt them. As being older then they are they will try to get my attention by yelling, "hey dude!". I usually tell them that my name is not "dude". I tell them to get to me after I work out. Usually this pisses them off, so they dont ask their question. Oh well.

2. The "Cutters"- These are the people who love to hop on your bench, pull weights off or put add weights while you are using it, after having just done a set and are now resting near your bench. I love to correct these impatient assholes. I do it to them even if they do it to another lifter. They think they can do it because they are bigger than the guy/gal they are "cutting" in on. It is rude, and I hate rude, pushy people. "Working In" with someone is fine. There is a difference between Cutting in and Working in.

3. The "Wanderers"- These are the people that are usually inexperienced with gym etiquette. They cut in front of you when you are looking at yourself in the mirror while doing barbell or dumbell curls. Most of the time, they can be corrected in a friendly manner. They are not doing it to be assholes, they just need to be taught. But, there are some that know better. Any suggestions on how to handle these rude people?

4. The "Hooked-on-Phonics"- Most gyms have a magazine rack. The magazines are for the people who work out on the steppers, stationary bikes. Some read in between their sets. But there are some that sit on the stations and kick back and read the magazine for quite awhile. They hog up the machines, or stations and do nothing resembling a workout except to turn a page, and drink from their water bottles. You know all that reading makes a person really thirsty. Maybe they were on their way to the library and took a wrong turn. We have a couple of these literary geniuses in my gym.

I'm sure that you have people like this in your gym. I go to 3 different gyms and the people I have described above frequent these gyms. I will put more down on the next issue. Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you on this subject.

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