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Gymnasts Workout Secrets:
How To Develop Muscles Like A Gymnast

By Jimmy Lamour

Most of you probably were as amazed as I was at the physiques of the gymnasts that participated in the Olympics. I know that you most of you will not be knocking down any doors to wear spandex and perform multiple back flips. But you might want to after reading how effective gymnasts are at building muscle. This muscle did not come by accident and is the result of some powerful training methods.

Method 1: They believe in doing plyometric training. This type of training puts a great amount of stress on your muscles, which forces them to repair and grow. Of Course, that is dependent on whether you use the proper recovery methods.

Exercise Sprinting is the king of plyometrics, but you must be strong enough to handle it. Start with about 10 yards of max effort sprints and make sure you take at least 2- 4 minutes between sprints. Proper rest periods must be taken in order to allow all the efforts to be at the highest intensity.

Method 2: They believe in performing unsupported body weight exercises. There are no benches to rest when performing the rings. That ensures that a lot more muscle is activated because the stabilizer muscles are involved. The instability of the movements creates a tremendous amount of a stress on the body, which triggers growth after repair.

Exercise- Blast Strap Push Ups will challenge the strongest benchers. It simply involves more muscles than the average bencher is used to activating during a pressing movement. It challenges the chest, arms, lower back, and upper back. That is what I call more bang for your buck.

Method 3: Stretching is a big component of the training of a gymnast. They would not be able to perform certain movements unless they had the appropriate length tension relationship in their muscles. Stretching at the appropriate time can lead to great muscle gain because of the lengthening of the fascia. Fascia is the tissue that encases the muscle that you have. The bigger the Fascia the greater potential is for building muscle.

Bio: Coach Lamour is a fitness coach who specializes in building athletic bodies in the Jamestown, NC area. His wonderful wife Charlene Lamour is in charge of the Mental Focus Training program and is a great support to him. He has played football professionally and coached the pop Warner level all the way up to the professional level. He has written articles for and currently enjoys training fat loss clients and athletes of all ages. He can be contacted at and trains his clients at in Kernersville, NC.

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