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Muscular Calves

Building Calf Muscle
How To Make Your Calves Grow

So your calves haven't been responding to your training as good as you were expecting. There are many reasons for poor calf development. Are you familiar with these reasons?

  • You're bending your knees during straight-leg exercises, like donkey calf raises or calf raises on leg press machine. When you bent your knees you're tranfering your work load to the quads and glutes.
  • You're not stretching enough because you?re using short and bouncy movements.
  • You?re not using enough weight.
  • You're not using different exercises for calves.
  • You give up too soon. Let your calves burn and enjoy it!

How can you make your calves to grow?

Calves Sharp as Roger Steward's and big as Mike Matarazzo's. That's the way I want 'em!

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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