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Kre Alkalyn Review
Pumped Extreme Kre Alkalyn Creatine Capsules


The World's Only 100% Absorption Creatine for Maximum Results! Patent Pending Buffered Creatine Monohydrate Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme!

Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme features the patented Kre-Alkalyn in a pharmaceutical delivery system providing maximum stability and absorption. Creatine Monohydrate has been proven through a decade and more of research to enhance strength, endurance, and subsequent athletic performance. The disadvantage of traditional Creatine Monohydrate is the extremely short term, rapid conversion into the bi-product Creatinine which when exposed to liquid, results in subsequent poor absorption into the bloodstream.

Since the first creatine product was introduced, we have seen many different delivery systems, all of which claim to be the best. All of these methods were established to increase the amount of creatine your body will absorb before the creatine is converted to Creatinine. However, what you are not being told is that you’re actually only absorbing 20-30% of the creatine before it is converted to Creatinine. Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme, which is PH buffered for maximum absorption and stability, solves this dilemma.

Available for the first time, Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme offers the athlete a Creatine which is 100% stable and will not break down into Creatinine. This allows the Creatine to be absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream. Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme allows an athlete to take far less product while experiencing even more explosive results.

Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme Benefits:

The world's only 100% absorption Creatine

Equivalent to 900 grams of Creatine Powder per bottle

No loading phase

No water retention or stomach discomfort.

Sugar-Free so it will not make you fat!

Convenient Capsules Just Take Before You Lift!

Where to buy kre-alkalyn? Click here for more info or to order: Pumped Extreme

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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