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Mike Mentzer Training Review

By Hercules

I have been training wih High-Intensity Training for a while now. It is really hard to believe, but it actually works.

Some people are saying that it dangerous and can not produce results. I think that they miss one important key in the whole theory. First: you don't need to workout with heavy weights. Like Mentzer said - " Your primary goal is not to lift heavy weights to prove to your self that you can" but to use moderate poundages to stimulate maximum contractions of the muscles. For example, on incline press, most people just throw the weight. This is wrong. Keep your elbows out for the maximum stretch on the negative resistance. On positive, go slowly with about 3-4 seconds up, contract the muscle for 3-4 seconds and lover it for 3-4 seconds. What it gives you is incredible pump (for some of you who like to feel good), also increases time under tension. At the same time, you will not be able to use heavy weight. It decreases risk of injury and provides more muscle stimulation that you ever though possible.

I took a friend of mine for arm workout at Gold's Venice. Now, you have to remember that he is an advanced bodybuilder. He always wanted to try HIT, next day he called me and said that his arms are getting bigger. Now, I can not get rid of him and he trains nothing but HIT.

I saw Mike Mentzer's HIT Video and it is the most incredible video I ever saw. Everything about HIT. He takes you LIVE with one of his advanced clients and trains him HIT style. I learned a lot. Now, you can actually see it.

Guys, Mentzer has a briliant mind, I know he had his problems. And now he is dead. But I think, that the system is great. Please share your experinces.

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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