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Morning Cardio Burns More Fat

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. In various interviews in the magazines, why do so many bodybuilders talk about doing cardio workouts in the morning? Wouldn’t burning 300 calories in the morning be the same as burning 300 calories at night? I don’t get it. Also, when I do cardio in the morning, it doesn’t seem like I sweat as much as when I do it in the afternoon. Why is that?

A. First off, you don’t have to sweat profusely to get a good cardio workout; whether you do cardio in the morning or in the evening. People sweat at different rates. Besides, almost everyone has more water to sweat out as the day passes because of water ingested by way of food and liquids. Diet affects hydration too; as does season. Working indoors, as opposed to outdoors, has a lot to do with sweat rates as well. Don’t use sweating as a meter for how well your cardio workouts are going. Use heart rate to determine whether you’re reaching your goals. As for why people do cardio in the morning, here’s why: When you sleep, your blood sugar drops to its lowest point. That means that there is no ingested sugar for you to burn, so doing cardio in the morning actually taps into more of your stored fat, as opposed to burning off calories eaten earlier in the day whenever you do cardio after your first few meals. Plus, in addition to tapping into your body’s fat stores, doing cardio in the morning—first thing—helps boost your metabolic rate for the entire day. As a result, you go into the day as a fat-burning machine.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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