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Muscle Building Shock Techniques
Keep it fresh, Shock Value is Everything

By: Aj DiCaprio

Everyone has his or her daily rituals and repetitive routines. In some instances, that works great because it keeps you on a schedule and you know what to expect if you leave 10 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later. So, your alarm clock is set for 7 a.m. every morning of your workweek and religiously you wake up and perform your routine. But what happens when you have a day off or the weekend comes along? Although the alarm clock is off, you still wake up 6:55 with 5 minutes to hit snooze. Why is that? Well we have conditioned and trained our body?s time clock to react that way; we have adjusted to a schedule. Well very nice for being on time. You see, we are creatures of habit and fall into ruts whether we realize it or not. Doesn?t it do your mind good to take a vacation or to switch up your daily routine every once in a while? Doesn?t make life in today?s rat race just a little easier to handle? They say variety is the spice of life, and I live by that, but it is also the spice of muscle development. Like that time clock that you have trained to wake you up every morning at 7, your muscle can get very used to the same old routine, at the same old time, same old place. Your muscle are bored, and you reach a peak in your growth and development just like everything else in life. So, I urge you here and in my videos to keep your workouts fresh.

About every 3 weeks or so change the exercises that you do for each body part. Try some new machines, go heavier and reduce your reps, or go lighter and increase your reps. Rotate the days of the week you train each body part. Video numbers 1-5, the full body workout have been designed so that you can rotate and switch your days. I know men and women who have etched Mondays as their chest day, Tuesdays as back and so on. After a while, their gains have stopped, the muscles are bored. By finding new and exciting ways to perform each exercise, and changing the order and day each exercise is performed is a very simple way to shock your muscle, the shock value tricks your muscles and forced them to perform outside of the same old ritual.

There are many ways to go this. Sometimes just take a few days off every several weeks, or even switch gyms or take a guest pass at another gym with different equipment. If your budget allows it join a few gyms or if you belong to a chain "gym hop" try out their other facilities.

Another good way to shock your muscles is to switch up your supplements as well. Sometimes coming off your supplement program for a few days or even 2 weeks just cleans your system out. Your body will be starved for what it was used to getting and once back on the supplement routine your muscles will crave it and absorb it.

The buzz word for each and everyone of my videos is FORM. I will go to my grave promoting proper form and positive change of weight any day. I have had experienced body builders use my videos and perform some of my unique exercises and wake up very soar the next day. ?Shock value? my friends, keep the workouts fresh, it keeps your mind clear, and your body free for growth. Then try it to other areas of your life; sometimes the simplest changes can make the biggest impact.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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