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Muscle Building Book Review
Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin

Natural Hormonal Enhancement: The Ultimate Strategy For Physique Transformation, Lifetime Youthfulness, and Super-Health!

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself; my name is Brent Van Pelt and I’m 42 years young. I promote bodybuilding, health and fitness to the average person and to the gifted athlete.

The book "Natural Hormonal Enhancement" that focuses principally on growth hormone, IGF-1, Testosterone, Cortisol, insulin, glucagons; and contains compelling new information concerning estrogen and progesterone.

It is the first ever-comprehensive program for naturally enhancing fat-burning, muscle-building, and anti-aging hormones! Contains more than 1700 pinpoint references to the world’s leading medical and scientific journals!

Diet: Use food to activate fat-burning hormones with a revolutionary non-restrictive dietary program designed to capitalize on the drug-like effects of food on hormone levels. It’s time to welcome your favorite foods back into the kitchen! (Learn why it is biologically impossible to lose fat and kept it off with conventional dieting, and how calorie and fat restriction can be devastating to your hormones.)

Exercise: Use Hormonally-Intelligent Exercise to get 3 times the results from exercise in half the time! (Learn why the way you are currently exercising may be robbing you of up to 90% of your results and – even worse – may be stimulating pro-aging, anti-immunity, catabolic hormones! Fact is: the calories you burn while exercising are insignificant – what matters is the metabolic and hormonal forces set into motion by your workout.)

Lifestyle Factors: Employ lifestyle modification strategies designed to improve hormone levels. (Learn how small, easy, lifestyle changes relating to sleep, stress, alcohol, mental outlook, sex, and sunlight can make a huge difference in your hormonal status!)

As you can see this book is very complete and harnesses the most powerful biological force in the universe, your own hormones.

For both the average person and the bodybuilders, this book is quite possibly the most important and revolutionary health and fitness book ever written. Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a must-read for every person right now! I have been very successful in staying young, keeping the body fat off, building muscle and improving my health. I couldn’t explain how I’ve done it over the years any better than this book by Rob Faigin.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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