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Phosphatidylserine Supplementation

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Phosphatidylserine: Enemy of Cortisol

Is there any truth to the rumor that phosphatidylserine (PS) is going to give bodybuilders an effective weapon in the battle against cortisol? Read on and you will see the latest data on this important supplement.

PS is a naturally-occurring phospholipid (a fatlike substance) that is found in all cells of the body. Cortisol, the principal carbohydrate-regulating corticosteroid, is secreted by the adrenal glands. Increased cortisol levels are blamed for eating away muscle mass, decreasing amino acid transport and protein synthesis and inhibiting the release of growth hormone--needless to say, then, cortisol is anathema to bodybuilders and bodybuilding. The most common time for increased cortisol levels is right after a vigorous workout. The most common prolonged time for increased cortisol levels is after a steroid cycle.

Enter PS, which combats elevations of stress hormones {cortisol and ACTH} that are linked with strenuous exercise. Two studies conducted in Italy demonstrated that PS given either systematically or orally blunted the cortisol and ACTH response to exercise. In the 1992 study, 800mg/day of PS for 10 days significantly thwarted the cortisol and ACTH responses to strenuous exercise without inhibiting the increase in plasma growth hormone.

Lets analyze the reasons why PS is such an effective supplement in coping with cortisol. The underlying mechanism that enables PS to reduce high cortisol levels is that it penetrates the brain-blood barrier, where it is synthesized into the membranes of the the brain cells. Once inside the brain cells, PS may alter CRF responses to cell receptor binding, which in turn prevents the related cascade of stress hormones--cortisol and ACTH.

Strenuous exercise, though bearing responsibility for increasing cortisol levels, is also blessed with anticatabolic properties. Athletes in top physical condition exhibit less cortisol secretion during exercise than their out-of-shape counterparts. Overtraining, though, is to be avoided like the plague. One indicator of overtraining is the testosterone-to-cortisol ratio. Elevated levels of cortisol in relation to testosterone is indicative of overtraining.

The bottom line is that PS is a useful addition to a bodybuilders arsenal. Here are the three principal benefits for bodybuilders:

Contributing to muscle growth by lowering cortisol levels

Aiding in recovery and reducing soreness after strenuous workouts

Preventing injury during strenuous workouts

PS can be found in your local health food store, or nutrition wholesalers. Some of the well known and trusted brands are:

- AST "PS Phosphatidylserine"

- Champion Nutrition's "Cortistat-PS"

- Musclelinc's "Cort-Bloc"

- American Bodybuilding Products "After Shock PS"

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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