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Mind Muscle Power
Physical Power of Positive Thinking

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You CAN adapt your self to any change whether it be in diet or physical exercise!  Remember, the mind governs the body.  Harmful thoughts such as: fear, hatred, anxiety and over sensitivity originate when your brain cells are starved.  Positive thinking is impossible when the mind is undernourished, and a mind that is constantly undernourished becomes touchy and irritable.

Your mind along with your body must be kept in top physical condition, otherwise it will dwell on destructive thoughts towards yourself and others.  With the correct diet you are able to think positive and encourage yourself through a tough bodybuilding routine -- and the results will appear much faster.

Remember that your brain is the central power station of the body.  A diet that consists of mainly junk foods and sugary carbohydrates will cause physical illness to the brain when, on the other hand a proper nutritional diet promotes positive thinking which frees you from mental conflict and helps you to achieve success that much sooner.

The positive thinker is able to love someone besides himself, and with the world so full of hate, only proves the fact that the diet of today is full of junk food.  Hate will only tear your mind apart further.  That's why you naturally feel physically good when you're happy -- your entire body is well nourished and working together -- now, isn't that what bodybuilding is all about!?

The positive thinker has quite an advantage in that he is able to achieve his goals much quicker, devote his energy to positive feelings toward himself and others.  He's able to drain such time consuming thoughts, as resentment, irritations, guilt reactions, and annoyances that have collected throughout the day and refill his mind with refreshing and happy thoughts.

Love and positive thinking is the internal force that gives you new hope, joy and vitality.  It's for people who truly want a powerful new lease on life!!!

Editors Note: The best book on the power of the mind is Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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