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Post Workout Drink Recipe

What to eat post workout?

It's called Afterburn (post workout shake). I invented it. You can make it yourself.

I mix it up myself and it works great. In a big freezer ziplock baggie (the non-freezer ones blow out on you), mix up the following:

Unflavored protein powder - for protein.

Nonfat dry milk - more protein, but it's mostly here for the carbs.

Creatine (the powder kind) - you know, creatine.

Gatorade powder (orange!) - electrolytes, carbs, insulin shove, tastes good.

Sugar (some) - carbs and insulin spiking.

2 packs unsweetened koolaid (mango and cherry in this batch) - tastes good.

Shake it all up. Now, after you are completely exhausted lifting and walking funny, sit down and get out a plastic shaker container of choice (old white lightening bottle, gatorade bottle, whatever), and dump a bunch (a big old scoop or so) of Afterburn inside. Pour in water. Shake like hell. Slam it. It's yummy. It will replenish you. It has it all. Afterburn!

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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