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Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People!
Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American Reviews

"Power to the People! is absolute dynamite. If there was only one book I could recommend to help you reach your ultimate physical potential, this would be it."
—Jim Wright, Ph.D., Science Editor, Flex Magazine, Weider Group

What if we told you: "YOU COULD OWN A WORLD CLASS BODY—whatever your present condition— by doing only two exercises, for twenty minutes a day?"

And we are talking about a world class body—a body so lean, ripped and powerful looking, you won’t believe your own reflection when you catch yourself in the mirror.

And we do mean whatever your present condition—we don’t care if you’re currently an abject pipsqueak, a rotund couch potato, or any other sorry-excuse-for-a-human-being.

And what if we told you, "YOU CAN DO IT without a single supplement, without having to waste your time at a gym and with only a 150 bucks of simple equipment?"

And what if we told you, "With only two exercises for twenty minutes a day, you’ll not only be stronger than you’ve ever been in your life, but you’ll have higher energy and better performance in whatever you do?"

And what if we told you, "You can have an instant download of the world’s absolutely most effective strength secrets? You can possess exactly the same knowledge that created world-champion athletes—and the strongest bodies of their generation?"

Well, here it is for the asking...
Pavel Tsatsouline’s new book: Power to the People!
Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American

How often do you grab a read and discover you’ve just landed one of those "IF-I-COULD- ONLY-TAKE-FIVE-BOOKS-TO-A-DESERT-ISLAND" blockbusters? The kind of book that shakes the molecules in your brain and has your synapses firing like popcorn? The kind of book that has you leaping out of the bath tub, pumping your fist and screaming "FINALLY!’ to the startled masses?

If you’re about maximizing your potential, if you’re about cutting-to-the-chase, if you’re about "just-give-me-what-works", then Pavel’s Power to the People! is everything you ever dreamed about—and then some.

As an editor for Joe Weider’s Flex magazine, Jim Wright is recognized as one of the world’s premier authorities on strength training. Jim is raving about Pavel’s Power to the People! Here’s more of what he had to say: "Whether you're young or old, a beginner or an elite athlete, training in your room or in the most high tech facility, if there was only one book I could recommend to help you reach your ultimate physical potential, this would be it. Simple, concise and truly reader friendly, this amazing book contains it all—everything you need to know—what exercises (only two!), how to do them (unique detailed information you'll find nowhere else), and why. Follow its advice and, believe it or not, you'll be stronger and more injury-resistant immediately. I guarantee it. I only wish I'd had a book like this when I first began training. Follow this program for three months and you'll not only be amazed but hooked. It is the ultimate program for "Everyman" AND Woman! I thought I knew a lot with a Ph.D. and 40 years of training experience...but I learned a lot and it's improved my training significantly."

And how about this from World Masters Powerlifting champion and Parrillo Performance Press editor, Marty Gallagher:

"Pavel Tsatsouline has burst onto the American health and fitness scene like a Russian cyclone. He razes the sacred temples of fitness complacency and smugness with his revolutionary concepts and ideas.

If you want a new and innovative approach to the age old dilemma of physical transformation, you've struck the mother-lode."

Or this, from "Arnie’s" camp: "Pavel and his book are the best imports from Russia since Siberian Ginseng! A fountain of information... an elixir for the body." —Fairfax Hackley, Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Martial Arts Seminar Director

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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