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Amateur Pre-contest Bodybuilding Diet, Good or Bad?

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. I plan to compete as a junior for a couple of years before going into open bodybuilding classes. I just put together a contest diet for my first competition. I took some information from workout buddies who’ve competed, and have also done my own research, using stuff from various magazines. Can you just look it over and tell me if I’m on the right track?

Meal one:
6 egg whites with one yolk
2 slices of toast
1 cup of orange juice/water/tea
Meal 2:
2 pieces of chicken
1 tuna sub with one can of tuna and very light mayo
2 bottles of water
2 Nutri-grain bars
2 apples
Meal 3:
Protein bar
Snack 1: Celery and peanut butter
2 cups water -(Pre-workout)
Meal 4:
Post-workout protein shake
Meal 5:
2 slices chicken or fish
2 cups water
1 1/2 cup veggies
1 cup rice
Snack 2- Canned fruit (Peaches, Pineapple)

A. I’d be glad to critique your diet and, in fact, I have a lot to say…It seems like this would be a decent off season—‘stay-in-shape’—kind of plan, but not really a great >pre-contest diet. Here’s why: You can’t eat things like sub sandwiches, granola bars and canned fruit when you’re dieting for a show. You can when you’re trying to add size in the off season, but not when you have 12 weeks to prepare for a show. The chicken, egg whites, protein bars, protein shakes, rice and veggies are a good addition to a pre-contest diet, but you have a lot to learn! I also like the fact that you break your meals up into several small meals, but you need to tighten up on the ingredients. I’d say your first meal is fine, though you would need to cut out the orange juice and add a small amount of oatmeal. The second meal should include chicken or tuna (not both) and should exclude the granola bars and one of the apples, and replace those with a small amount of brown rice or a small yam. The third meal is fine. Your first snack and fourth meal are fine, provided the peanut butter is natural and not Jif or Skippy. The last meal is okay, but you’ll want to finish eating your rice or other starches prior to your evening meal, so I’d cut out the rice, add more veggies, and possible a half an avocado. Or, you can replace the chicken or fish with steak and not supplement fat. Save fish for the last part of your diet when you want to eat really clean. Try to add a protein shake (no carb) to your celery and peanut butter snack. The more protein you eat, the more your metabolic rate fires up throughout the day. If you make those changes, I think you’ll be a big success.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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