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Meal Replacements Are the Ultimate in
Nutrition For the Poor Bodybuilder

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. I’m working on a very limited budget so I can’t afford a large array of different supplements to reach my goals. If you were only able to afford one supplement, what would you get?

A. This is a bit more difficult of a question than you might think. The answer is dependent on a number of different factors. To get the right answer for you, I would have to recommend a one-on-one consultation with a professional Supplement/Fitness Advisor. I guess, for me, I would pick a solid MRP. No matter what training program you have, it will be virtually ineffective without the right diet. And I know, for most people, getting 5-6 good meals a day is quite impossible. When I say MRP, I mean Meal Replacement – not a protein powder drink like some people think. Its purpose is to replace a meal, and although it is good to take one that is high in protein, it’s best to find one that is a fairly balanced meal.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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