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Pyruvate Supplement Review

What Is Calcium Pyruvate?

Currently, pyruvate is the hottest diet product around...and for good reason! Pyruvate is actually pyruvic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Pyruvate has been studied for the last 25 years and recently new discoveries at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shown that dietary supplementation with pyruvate increased body fat loss by as much as 48% and minimized associated muscle tissue loss that normally occurs with substantial fat loss. These clinical studies were based on test subjects who used pyruvate while on a low-fat diet vs. test subjects who did not use pyruvate but also followed a low-fat diet.

How does pyruvate work?

The accelerated fat loss from pyruvate is believed to be due to itís ability to increase the metabolic rate (metabolic furnace) of individual cells thus resulting in greater fat utilization from both dietary fat and stored body fat through a process know as fat oxidation.

What other benefits are a result of pyruvate supplementation?

Improved exercise endurance by up to 20% to 50% due to a process known as glucose extraction. Pyruvate enables muscle cells to take in (store) up to 300% more glucose from circulating blood. More glucose stored in muscle translates into harder, denser muscle and greater endurance during high intensity sports such as weight lifting, bodybuilding, football, tennis, running, aerobics, etc. not to mention the anabolic and or anti-catabolic benefit of increased glycogen storage in muscle.

What happens if someone stops taking pyruvate?

Obviously after being on a calorie restricted, low carbohydrate/low-fat diet and losing a significant amount of body fat one would expect to gain back most of the fat lost after discontinuing pyruvate and resuming a higher calorie diet particularly without a good exercise program. However, that does not seem to be the case after pyruvate supplementation. Studies have shown that after resuming a more normal like diet that subjects who had been on pyruvate gained back 55% less body fat than subjects who had not been supplementing their diet with pyruvate.

Does one need to exercise to benefit from pyruvate supplementation?

No, pyruvate has been shown to reduce body fat without exercise and without excessive muscle tissue loss due to itís ability to increase the metabolism (metabolic furnace) and spare muscle through increased glycogen storage.

Will pyruvate cause nervousness or jitteriness similar to thermogenic fat burners?

No, pyruvate has no relation to caffeine, ephedrine or any other stimulant.

What is the recommended dose for pyruvate?

The recommended dose ranges from 2 to 5 grams per day in divided doses. Recent research has shown that less than 2 grams per day is hardly effective and more than 5 grams per day shows little if any additional response.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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