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No Mass only Strength?
Skinny Guys Pack On Muscle Mass Too

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. I am 23 years old and I am small and skiny for my age. I’m 5’8” and it’s taken me 3 years to gain enough mass and go from 128 pounds to 145 pounds! I can gain strength, but I can’t seem to gain size. Some people have a hard time gaining strength, so I know I’m lucky in this way (I can bench twice my body weight and squat almost 3 times my body weight), but for some reason, I can’t put on any size. Size is much more desirable to me right now, unless I join a powerlifting team and give up on the idea of bodybuilding. What can I do?

A. Well, first of all, I see a few things that could be contributing. Number one, you’re young and you need to give training a little bit more time than you have. Number two, your 17 pound gain is nothing to sneeze at—particularly if you are able to maintain that between steroid cycles. Number three, you didn’t mention what kind of supplements you’re taking, but there’s always improvement to be had in that area. You may be approaching the steroid issue completely wrong! Number four, powerlifting may be right for you! It may not be what you want to hear, but do you know how many powerlifters fit your description and can’t lift what you lift? You may be missing your calling. Now, let me give you some ideas so that you can pack on some crazy mass. Strength is no problem for you, so stop focusing on it! That may sound funny, since all we hear is “add more weight” to your lifts! But truthfully, this may be opposite for you. You may need to stay at 75% of your max lifts and add massive amounts of reps or increase your sets. Your intensity may not be where it ought to be, so you may need to revamp that a bit. Do you change exercises ever? Not enough? Your body may respond by increasing in strength, but not size, unless you find creative ways to add variety and trick your body into growing. Now, I saved this one for last, because I am sure it’s at least 50% of your failure: You need to EAT! If you’re a hard gainer, the first thing I tell all hard gainers is to EAT! I’ll bet you’re eating about 4 times a day, and are eating things you would eat if you were cleaning up for a competition diet or already on a competition diet. STOP! You need to eat some garden variety crap, some fast food, and plenty more fat, carbs and calories. I’ll bet you’re a freak about getting enough protein, but not enough of a freak about getting enough overall calories and eating anything and everything it takes to pack on mass! Stop trying to play by the rules with diet ALL THE TIME! Next, you can overhaul your supplements and your training routine to add more intensity.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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