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Alternative Legal Steroids
Alternative Bodybuilding Steroid Supplements

By: Bodybuilding ONLINE

Are There Really Alternatives To Steroid Use?

Well we have heard it all before. "Buy this and you will not need steroids". "Such and such new sports supplement promises steroid like results, or your money back". The claims have been everywhere for years, decades even. It seems there is always a new magic pill designed to replace the last steroid replacement that failed to deliver what it promised. Inevitably many athletes have found themselves wasting money with one new snake oil product after another, with no steroid like result to show for it. It seems to be one good marketing plan proceeded by another, but no truly revolutionary products. One might question if an alternative to steroid use actually exists. Admittedly for many years there was none, at least no really effective alternative to illicit drug use. Well this is actually one period in time, perhaps historically it will be a brief period, but a period none-the-less in which effective steroid-based muscle building and drug-based fat loss products are available to the supplement industry. This is due in part to an openness of the FDA to allow exploration into the realm of supplements, and on the other side of the willingness of forward looking people to push the limits of what should be allowed.

Muscle Growth and The Steroidal Prohormone

If we are looking to build muscle mass, of course the obvious goal of most bodybuilders, prohormones provide us the most effective alternative to illegal steroid use. It is a little difficult to use the term steroid alternative to describe prohormones however, as these products really equate to a legal form of steroid use in nearly every sense of the word. The technology here is to take advantage of the natural processes in which the body inter-converts and metabolizes its own natural hormones, and supplement a direct precursor to an active steroid. This means that we are not taking the illegal substance testosterone for example, but a compound such as androstenediol that can be easily converted to testosterone by enzymes widely distributed in the body. In many instances the prohormones themselves retain some ability to act as active steroid hormones in the body, and are even classified as such in certain indexes, however are not included in U.S. controlled substance laws. It is quite interesting to note that many other countries look at these products as steroid hormones or unapproved new drugs, and will often refuse their importation upon inspection. Contrary to what might be expected, U.S. laws regarding the supplement industry are currently much more liberal than many other nations, as the acceptance of prohormones clearly demonstrates. 

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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