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Strength Training Chart

For what its worth, here's a bunch of "you are strong if you can..."

type of things I've collected over the last few years. (These were

all written by others, I'm only relaying here)


Strength goals the average man *can* attain (no drugs or special

genetic potential required)...

Bench Press 125% of bodyweight (BW) for 12 reps

Stiff Leg Deadlifts 150% BW for 15 reps

Bent over Row 125% BW for 12 reps

Behind Neck Press 75% BW for 12 reps

Breathing Squats 150% BW (minimum) for 20 reps

Body weight formula - the max weight the average man *can* attain (no

drugs or special genetic potential required) - this means fairly lean,

but not .000001% body fat.

Start with 100 lbs. for 5'. For every inch over 5', add

10 lbs. The result is your *base* weight. Your max weight

would be 30 to 50 lbs. above that, closer to 30 if you've

got a smaller frame, closer to 50 for a larger frame.


Your are strong if:

You can press your bodyweight (BW) overhead.

Curl 75% BW 8 times strict.

Curl BW once.

Do 50 pushup, anytime.

Do 10 strict chins.

Bench BW 10 times.

Bench 150% BW once.

Press another person overhead who weighs 75% of your BW. (!)

You beat at least 50% of the people you arm wrestle.

Do 10 squats with 150% BW.

Do 10 pushups with someone on your back who weighs 75% of your BW.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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