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The Truth About Protein Shakes

I like everyone else can appreciate a good protein powder. Everyone claims to have "The Best Whey Protein" but how can they? It's either pure or it's not... It is either filler free or it's not... And if it is, that means it will not taste like strawberries, or chocolate, or anything else resembling cookies and cream...

Pure protein powder is tasteless and some people argue it is tough just getting the stuff down. Trust me, if it tastes like a milkshake, it is going to fatten you up. In fact, I found this quote online the other day:

"This is actually the only protein currently on the market that we've seen to work with cream to actually increase muscularity and lower body fat. Others tend to cause a slight decrease in vascularity and definition. It is not the cream. Protein and fat belong side by side. It is your choice of protein."

Have you heard this before too only to buy something that ends up sending you on a sugar fit or makes you fat the next morning? I have too... So you're not alone... And that is why we are here.... I am not against popping amino acids tablets or taking additional glutamine at times (glutamine builds your immunity as it is the most abundant of the aminos necessary, but taking more than your body needs leads you towards muscle tissue being eaten instead of enhanced).

Unfortunately, supplement companies aren't selling you what they are hyping to you.... You are better off with more protein from food than wasting money on what you see in ads... We certainly do require a dozen different essential amino acids available at each protein meal if we want results... It is also a well known fact that BCAA (branched chain amino acids) are the building blocks of all the other amino acids and comprise over a third of your muscle tissue... So why not just supplement with those? Wouldn't you get all 12 essentials that way? Because you get everything you need from food and or this Complete Protein Powder.

I would say just use whatever is left of the protein powder you already have on hand but there is no amount of magic going to turn one nutrient into another especially while that ingredient is what's limiting the processing of protein to begin with. My point is, you can't trust what is added to the products purchased from the store even when reading the labels. They call their products Iso-this, ultra pure-that, and all the tricks the fitness companies are trying to seduce you with are amazing, but most of them put CORN STARCH in their mixes.

You should not be mixing complex carbs with proteins if you want results. Let me get your brains considering the hidden fillers.... I know from experience and research that only 2 tablespoons of truly pure whey contains 20 and sometimes more grams of protein. There are a couple carbs and possibly a gram or two of fat. The discrepancies are negligible.

So tell me, what else is in your average health food protein containers that you need 6 tablespoons for 20 to 25 grams of protein? PURE JUNK; certainly not protein. Think about that. You are getting something that fills up 4 whole tablespoons that is NOT listed on your label. What is it? I have already told you but the solution is clear, you need something that doesn't have 4 tablespoons of mystery in it.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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