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Training Journals
How To Write A Weight Training Journal
For Effective Stength Training

By Dan Gallapoo

Keeping records of what you do and how you do it is vital to bodybuilding success. I think keeping a journal is one of the best things I've done to help myself improve. If you keep track of what you've done in the past, it will be easier for you to see what works for you.

When assessing a problem such as an extreme soreness or a lack of pump, you could look back in your journal to see either what you ate differently and see if that is the culprit.

Or, maybe you did an exercise that you normally don't do and you've hit an area you never get at.

Or, it may still be a different method of supplementation.

Any way you look at it, relying on your memory isn't the best way to get maximum growth in minimum time.

Also, by keeping track of poundages, you can continually see how much stronger you've gotten. Or you could try to beat what you did last week by adding 5 pounds.

A journal would also be very helpful in preparation for a contest or even just getting in shape for summer or spring break. You can find out what works for you and use it.

Tips On How To Keep A Productive Journal

1. Write down when you worked out.

2. Write down how much weight you used in each exercise.

3. Write down how the movements felt, i.e. "50s are too light".

4. Write down how you looked and what was going on in your mind.

5. Write down what you wore or what music you listened to.

6. Write down what you ate and when you ate it.

7. Write down how you looked when you woke up, went to sleep, etc.

8. Write down how much cardio you did.

9. Write down your body weight.

10. Write down the other aspects of you life i.e., if you had a good day, a bad day, it was raining, dog ate your shoes, you had a fight with your girlfriend.

This will help you attribute outside factors into your performance in the gym.

So, say you had a bad workout on February 1st and you can't figure out why since your diet and supplementation were the same as your last training session which was good. If you see that you got into an argument with your spouse that morning, you might find the reason your workout sucked was because your head wasn't into it. This would stop you from radically changing your diet or supplementation unfoundedly.

A training and dietary journal can be your best friend when assessing progress.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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