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Upper Pec Workout

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How To Build Incredible Upper Pecs


Upper Pecs are tough to build because it's hard to keep the frontal deltoid from doing all the work whenever you place your body in the right position for building upper pecs. That's because the frontal deltoids are such big bullies. They want to work on almost everything. Here's a little trick I learned that really hits the upper pecs. Just a few sets and you'll have your upper pecs so swollen with blood you won't believe it. Here's what you do. First thing you'll need is a good Smith Machine. It helps if the machine has a bar at least 2 inche diameter but... these are hard to come by so let's assume you have a standard Smith Machine with the normal 1 inch diameter bar.

What I'm about to tell you is the important part anyway.

Lay down on the bench and raise the feet up off the floor so your back is flat on the bench and you can't press with the legs at all. Next, grab the bar with a grip just a little wider than shoulder width. Your goal is to bring the bar right down to the adams apple still keeping the elbows up around the shoulders. This is the key to placing all the stress on the upper pecs. In order to do this you'll need to turn the palms so the bar is running diagonally across the palms. Okay, got that part so far?

Now let the bar down slowly, keeping the elbows high. Then as you start to come up.... don't press the arms out straight... pull the arms straight. Yeah pull...I know this is a strange concept but... The pulling motion makes the pecs do all the work. That's why you can build such great upper pecs on this movement. You've got to keep the elbows up around the shoulders throughout the exercise. This is the key to working the upper pecs. Do 6 or eight reps. The elbows will want to creep back toward the chest. Don't let em. If you have to... drop weight. The key is the form not the weight. Once you've completed 6-8 reps, drop the bar all the way down to the neck. Keeping the elbows way up high, do several bunces right on the bottom. It will give you an incredible burn and pump right where you want it.

-Taken from Larry Scott

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