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Weight Lifting Myths and Bodybuilding Myths

Author Unknown

1. Doing sit-ups or some other form of abdominal exercise will trim unwanted pounds from your waist. There is no such thing as spot weight reduction. Doing abdominal exercises only strengthens the adominals; it doesn't make fat magically disappear. The only way to trim unwanted pounds from your waist (or any other part of your body) is to expend more calories per day through activity than you consume through food.

2. Women shouldn't lift weights because their muscles will become huge and they will look like men. People don't suddenly become "huge" from lifting weights. It takes years of intense training to become "huge". Women can, however, develop a shapely and well proportioned physique by lifting weights.

3. Big, muscular people will probably become fat later in life because their muscle will turn into fat. Muscle and fat are two different types of tissues and can no more turn into one another than wood and glass. When muscle tissue is not used it will atrophy, or shrink in size. Typically the neglected muscle becomes surrounded by fat, giving the illusion of turning into fat.

4. Lifting every day, 3 days on and one day off, or doing double splits\twice a day will accelerate muscular development. These workout routines lead to overtraining; the body cannot recover sufficiently between workouts for real muscular growth to occur. These routines will only work for steroids users. 5. Some exercises are good for "shaping" your muscles and some are good for "building mass". It's not the exercise which determines the type of muscular adaptation, but the number of repetitions performed and the intensity of your workout.

6. Cheating (so that you can lift a heavier weight) will accelerate muscular development. Cheating (not performing the movement with strict form) is counterproductive. The point is to work the muscle properly, not move some heavy weight.

7. It doesn't matter which muscles I work out which days. You must keep in mind which muscles assist in working major muscle groups. For example, when you work your chest, your triceps are also being worked. Therefore, if you work chest one day and triceps the next day you are over-working your triceps.

8. Some people are just too old to start weight lifting. This is patently false. In studies reported in Science News, people in their seventies and eighties began a weight training program and showed significant gains in muscle size and strength. Some of the participants in the study could scarcely walk before the program began could walk easily after the program.

9. People will stare at you in the gym if you're out of shape. Men and women of all fitness levels, weight ranges, races, and ages work out in gyms. And most of them are too busy with their own workout to even notice whether you are overweight or can't lift much weight in the bench press.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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