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Weightlifting Music and Workout Music
Make Your MP3 Player "Hardcore"

Many of you involved in the bodybuilding world, in one way or another, have heard about Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas. Voted the “Most Hardcore Gym In America” by Muscle & Fitness (July 2005), the atmosphere and intensity have been seen in DVD’s of Ronnie Coleman & Branch Warren, YouTube clips, written about in all of the major bodybuilding magazines, and discussed on the major internet weight training forums. One other aspect of Metroflex Gym seems to always come to the forefront, especially when people visit Metroflex for the first time: the music!

For those of you who love lifting heavy weights, you know that in most commercial gyms you have to blast your MP3 player merely to nullify the uninspiring (understatement!) dance club music playing above the squat racks; and that assumes they even have squat racks or a power cage in the first place! One of the things which Metroflex members love is the fact that they have good music playing loudly, and you don’t have to worry about buying batteries for your MP3 or having your earphone wires tangle during an intense set of squats. If you must train in a commercial gym with uninspiring music playing, you now can have the Top 20 list of songs to help you get a “hardcore” Metroflex mindset so that you can lift heavy in any training environment.

The list was created by Brian Dobson as he gave me the most popular requests he receives. In no particular order, here they are:

· AC-DC: Thunderstruck

· 2 Pac: California Love

· Rocky IV: War; the rest of the soundtrack is liked as a whole

· Hank Williams, Jr.: Country Boy Can Survive

· Saliva: Click Click Boom

· Metallica: Enter Sandman

· Prodigy: Smack My B***h Up

· Ramstein: Du Hast

· DMX: I’ma Bang

· Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl

Other favorites include:

· Metallica: Creeping Death

· Mudvayne: Dig


We hope that you find this list useful and that it will help you reach new levels of training intensity… even if you train at a gym that now has one of those “no grunting” policies!

For more information about Metroflex Gym and its training methods, you are welcome to visit: Metroflex Gym Training

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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