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Vitamin K Definition
What Is Vitamin K?

Any of several vitamins needed for blood to clot properly. It is a fat-soluble vitamin also known as anti-haemorrhagic vitamin, essential for the synthesis of ?-carboxyglutamate in prothrombin and other proteins involved in the blood clotting system, and bone proteins. Deficiency causes impaired blood coagulation and haemorrhage. Important function of Vitamin K is the manufacture prothrombin, a substance essential for the normal clotting of blood. Two groups of compounds have vitamin K activity: phylloquinones, found in green plants, and a variety of menaquinones synthesized by intestinal bacteria. Dietary deficiency cause some general malabsorption diseases. Dietary sources include green leafy vegetables, some vegetable oils, and liver.

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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