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What Supplements To Take For Bodybuilding

What Supplements Are Right For You?

By Ted Mikulski of

For skinny guys, gaining weight is no easy task especially when you?ve tried it all. Most supplements claim to add strength, size, and endurance. Whether its creatine, nitric boosters, or proteins, the market for supplements is flooded. Most new lifters will go to GNC or search online for products that promise these things, but what really works?

As someone who gained 45 pounds of muscle in 6 months, I give partial credit to supplements for helping me along the way. Yet along the way I think I may have tried them all, with various different results. The one supplement I cannot stress enough to weight lifters is standard Whey Protein. It is safe and natural and is what your body craves when building muscle mass. You can substitute it for meals as well, and it is the best source for muscle support.

As for nitric boosters (NO2, Nitrix, etc.), they are fairly new to the scene but offer promising results. If you are willing to pay the price, I have found fairly good success with these products as long as you stay on them consistently. Taking them for a month will not give you the proper results.

As for amino-acid pills, energy boosters, and various vitamins, these can become great tools in and out of the gym. The difference between success and failure is the consistency and standard by which you take them. Always follow the product recommendations and try to find others that have had previous success. If you see a guy in the gym that has achieved a well-defined body, ask him about supplements. Most guys like to hear that their hard-work is appreciated and will not hesitate to talk to you.

Remember not to buy into hype, really research a product before taking it, and try to get others perspective on the item. It is your body and you should be in control of what you allow in.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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