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XtrafleX Exercise Machines Review

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Finally there's something really new on the horizon for bodybuilders and strength trainers of every type. Far from being just another slight change in the same old weight-stack machines with all their built-in flaws, this new concept offers several revolutionary advantages:

  • VARIABLE RESISTANCE. YOU put the resistance where YOU want it within the exercise.
  • TOTALLY ADJUSTABLE PLACEMENT of the range, when you choose a shorter range of motion.

    Keep in mind that these features will all work together beautifully, as a complete package. The variable resistance is an integral part of every rep in every exercise. Since the lifter will be able to choose not only the range of motion, but also where this range is placed within the full-possible range of motion, and still have the variable stress in every rep, great new muscle-building opportunities are presented.

    Add to this the extra fitness involved in having TWO muscle-failure points in every exercise rather than the one in virtually every other method, but without the problem of breaking your lifting routine while you change weights---one can see that XtrafleX will be a DESIGNER concept. Each lifter will be able to dream up and implement a large variety of exercises which have never before been possible.

    And no matter what exercise is used, the numbered pop-pin settings can be recorded so that the lifter knows exactly how he did the exercise. He can then come back later, when he's all healed up, and do the same exact exercise with more weight and/or reps. Among many other advantages, these revolutionary features allow a person to isolate and build muscles which, with today's methods, can be worked only secondarily to other muscles (or in many cases, hardly at all). The huge implications of these features are explained in detail throughout these pages.

    But even on the exercises where a person doesn't want to isolate a muscle, but work muscle groups, the XtrafleX concept will be a huge step forward from today's methods. XtrafleX allows maximum stress to be applied to the muscles, and far less to the joints: Take, for instance, a bench-press exercise. When the lifter's arms are straight at the end of one of today's bench-press reps, there's still a large amount of pressure against the elbow and shoulder joints. The physics involved would show that at this point, the bursa within these joints is being compressed more than at any other point. This can often cause great deterioration of the elbows and shoulders.

    With XtrafleX, the resistance decreases to nothing at this same point. Thus the lifter can handle greater resistance against the muscles, and still eliminate most of the wear and tear on his joints.

    The same principles would apply for other compound exercises where the pertinent limbs 'lock out' at the end of a rep, such as the squat and deadlift. Many, to avoid joint damage, shorten the rep to avoid the 'lock out' point when doing these exercises today. A large disadvantage in this is the fact that they can't count their reps properly, and the 'count' is too large a motivational factor to give up. With XtrafleX, they won't have to.

    The XtrafleX concept is in the developing stage. Two patents have been issued, and many more will be applied for in the future. The inventor, Neil Williamson, has devoted large amounts of time and financial resources to developing the concept up to this time, but much work remains.

    Prototype machines have been built in the past, with each one showing that more work was needed. Finally, we've built a single prototype with which we're very happy---one that works the deltoids, laterals, pectorals, biceps and triceps.

    This prototype works very well: But as always, turning an idea into an actual working model shows that some small changes still need to be made. These changes have already been made, in our drawings for any future machines.

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