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Consistent Workout Plan and Consistent Eating Habits

Staying Consistent

By Ted Mikulski of

So if you've been a human being for a while you know that any change to your body is a process of consistency. For example, if you eat potato chips and pizza for a month straight you will probably gain some fat. The same goes for a work-out/diet regiment.

I would have never gained the muscle I did if I did not follow the program 100%. There is still a problem of how to stay motivated everyday to follow the diet and go to the gym and work hard. It may seem easy for the first couple weeks or even the first month. Eventually you might lose interest or motivation due to various distractions. My suggestion is to keep re-inventing your goals and schedule.

For example, if your initial goal is 15 pounds and you gained 10 pounds in the first month then at that point change your goal. Perhaps you want to gain more, or you want to be more cut. Also friends, family, or a lifting buddy can help you to stay on top of your potential goals. Examine your history of motivation-related activities and apply that to your fitness goals. Remember that no matter how slow the process looks it will pay off in the long run.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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