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Delt Exercise

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New Radical Exercise for Delts

This is a very different type of exercise that you dont find in any of the books. At the Arnold, I had the great pleasure of meeting Larry Scott. He is a true gentleman and one of the nicest guys in the business. I learned this from one of his Secrets. I have used this exercise and believe me if done correctly, it works! It brought out the side delts and that is the trick of looking wide! Give it a try, start out light and learn it first it is tricky and it seems unnatural, but you will love the results, I did! Credit for this article goes to Larry Scott. It is the best description on how to do the exercise right without showing you.

The dumbbell rack needs to be just high enough that you can lean over, off balance into it. It should hit you about at the crotch line. Actually, this isn't too critical. It could hit you anywhere around this area and it will still work. But you do have to lean off balance to get the movement right.

Grab a pair of dumbbells. A little light at the beginning because I want you to get the movement right. Oh, before I forget. You should be facing a mirror as well. Hold the dumbbells with the little finger higher than the thumb. This places all the stress on the deltoids rather than the triceps. Keep the dumbbells in this position throughout the movement. Press the dumbbells overhead... not to lock out position but, just through a range of movement that is only the middle 3/5s of the exercise. Okay... this is important!

I don't know how to tell you this but, you don't actually press the dumbbells. You press the elbows. Sounds crazy but... let me explain. You see... your deltoids don't give a hoot what is happening to either the dumbbells or your wrists but they do care what is happening to your elbows. I know I told you earlier about that "little finger higher" stuff. But just listen.

It's the arc of the elbows that the shoulders are aware of. I want you to press the elbows so that, if possible, they would touch up somewhere behind the back of your head. I've got to get you to see this clearly or you're not going to grow and... you're going to end up looking like an Albatross going through a mating dance. What should I say?... Hmm... Well, Let's just try again. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot something... The dumbbells start out with the palms facing the mirror... Not facing each other. You're going to be tempted to start out having them face each other because it helps you get this part of the motion down easier but... don't do it... because it makes it harder to get the eccentric part of the exercise correct.

Okay let me repeat... press the elbows up and behind as high as you can... trying to keep the arc that would have the elbows touch together behind the head. Actually, neither the dumbbells nor the elbows go very high. It's probably not even the middle 3/5s but more like the middle 2/5's of the exercise.

Okay now for the lowering part of the press. Once you get the elbows in the top position... Slowly lower the dumbbells, at the same time try to keep them as wide as possible. All the time keeping the little finger side of the dumbbell higher than the thumb side. Okay that's it! Now let me read over what I just said and see if it makes sense. Oh, Oh. I can see I've got to tell you more about lowering the dumbbells... because this is very important. As you lower the dumbbells... Try to stretch out and get them as wide as possible. (Remember to keep the little finger side of the dumbbell higher than the thumb side). This places all stress right directly on the side deltoid head. You will not believe the fire you are going to feel in your outer dels. Good luck, my friends.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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