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Ephedra Side Effects
Ephedra Junkie Goes Through Withdrawals

By: Anabolic Insider

Q. I have been using ephedra-based supplements for a few years now—always cycling them on and off—but recently, I went off of them for the first time for personal reasons. Now, I notice that my energy levels have gone down, my metabolism has slowed, and I’m gaining weight. I guess I was pretty dependent on them—more than I thought. My question is, how can I increase energy levels, lose some weight and feel like myself again?

A. Sounds like you’re experiencing a major crash, dude! I’ve been there, believe me. Drugs like ephedrine stimulate the central nervous system. They mimic the actions of your bodies own stimulants (norepinephrine , dopamine), and your body has become accustomed to that response and has actually shut down its own production of some of these in the presence of ephedrine. Now that you’ve stopped taking it, and your own body isn’t producing enough of these chemicals, you feel depressed and lethargic. There are a lot of ways you can tackle this problem. In fact, if you use most of them in combination, you should be fine. The problem is, you abruptly stopped all ephedrine products, without tapering off. That was your first mistake. Most people do the same thing though, so don’t sweat it. Still, it would have been better if you had come off of them slowly, like you would any other drug cycle. It can be a shock to your system when you just dump a drug that you’re body is used to. Having said that, here’s what you can do: First, start exercising! Do some cardio, if you’re not already. If you are currently consistent with it, gradually begin adding more. You can also increase the intensity, use different equipment, or increase time, or difficulty. You can also take advantage of non-ephedrine based supplements geared toward fat-burning. I don’t know if you’re a coffee drinker, but you should start adding some caffeine, along with a small amount of aspirin.

If I were you, I’d also start eating more protein, cut down on starches (stop eating starch by 1pm) and eat mostly vegetables in the latter portion of the day. If you do all of these things in combination, they should help. I also find that getting a little extra rest when you’re coming off stimulants is helpful too, since taking them over time has stressed the adrenals and the sympathetic nervous system. These need to recuperate. I’d say about a month or so.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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