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Do High Protein Bodybuilding Diets
Lead To Kidney Problems?

Poortmans, R.J., and Dellalieux, O. 2000 "Do Regular High Protein Diets have Potential Health Risks on Kidney Functions in Athletes?" Int J of Sport Nutr & Exerc Metab. 10 (1).

The following study investigated renal function of bodybuilders (BB Group) and other well-trained athletes (OA Group) consuming high and medium protein intakes. The study protocol consisted of a 7-day nutrition record analysis as well as blood sample and urine collection to determine renal consequences of high protein intake. The results revealed that despite higher plasma concentration of uric acid and calcium, the bodybuilder group had renal clearances all within normal range. The nitrogen balance for both groups became positive when daily protein intakes exceeded 1.26 grams/kg of body weight. The study concluded that a protein intake under 2.8 grams/kg of body weight does not impair renal function in well-trained athletes as indicated by the measures of renal function used in the study.

Itís about time some one conducted a comprehensive study to directly interpret the relationship between high protein intake and renal function. It really starts to become annoying when you hear lay people as well as some professionals say that high protein can cause renal damage. This study clearly shows that high protein intakes do not impair renal function in healthy well-trained individuals. Now hopefully we will see more similar studies with long-term research protocols. Although this is only one direct study I am confident that future research in this area will collaborate these findings.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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