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Lower Bicep Workout

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How To Use the EZ curl bar for Terrific Lower Bicep



You know the EZ curl bar... it's the one with all those funny curves in it. But what you may not know is how to use the "other" curves for better progress. It's kind of like folding your hands you always do it the same way. Each time you pick up the EZ curl bar you always grab the bar where it feels the most comfortable. The problem is when you're doing curls the comfortable spot on the bar is the worst for building biceps. Here's a better way to do it. Reach over and grap the bar on the curves that forces the little finger higher than the thumb. This will force both of the elbows to your stomach. Rest them on your hip bones. You'll find it hard to even stand up straight. But this position forces the lower bicep to do all the work. Yeah it's kind of hard on the wrists becauses it places so much stress on the twisting of the hand. But it's this position of the palm that works the lower bicep so well. You can't use much weight doing curls this way but It builds the lower biceps much better than using a heavy weight with the standard grip. Give it a try. You'll see what I mean.

-Taken from Larry Scott.

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