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Synthol Side Effects

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Synthol : Is it worth it?

Synthol contains MCT oil, lidocaine/lignocaine (a local anaesthetic) and benzyl alcohol ( a preservative). MCT oil has been available for some years as a dietary supplement. It has been touted as a source of adding extra non-fattening calories to your diet, amongst other things. MCT oil is absorbed without being broken down directly through the intestinal walls and straight into the bloodstream unchanged. It is also hydrophilic i.e. attracts water. That's why if you take too much orally then diarrhea can result. Because MCT oil is absorbed unchanged into the bloodstream then it is also safe (up to a point) just sitting in a muscle after an injection. This is where the hydrophilic action attracts water causing the injected muscle to swell up bigtime. Apparently also it takes a fair while for the body to metabolize or breakdown this injected oil, it becomes encapsulated so to speak, so the effects are lasting for some time as well. Now you can see why the stuff is so popular amongst competitive bodybuilders.

My experience with MCT oil though leaves me thinking that this is where it's use should remain...not mainstream recreational bodybuilding. Further on I will expand on this point.

Because Synthol is currently so expensive, I think it's a rip-off actually with the prices being asked for this stuff, I started experimenting with MCT oil direct from the health shop. Six months ago I wouldn't have believed that I would actually inject domestic MCT oil meant for oral use. My bottle of MCT oil cost $15, a lot cheaper than $350 for the Synthol, but it could have turned out to be a cheap death or at least illness from trying this non-sterile oil. I'm still alive though...somehow.

I found both MCT oil and Synthol to be immediately effective in causing swelling of the injected muscle. Synthol seemed to cause a more rapid response and harder swelling too, but not by much. MCT oil was more painful for the first few shots but was no worse later on. For me, I didnt find Synthol or MCT to be excruciatingly painful, as reported by other users. I started with using 1ml to see how my body would react and later increased to a max dose of 3mls. The 3mls was for a larger muscle group like pec, quads or lats. I didnt go beyond 2ml for the arms. The visual gains to each injected muscle were obviously apparent. I had used it in every muscle that I could reach and found a noticable size increase. But I never got more than an extra one inch on the biceps. Mind you it would take me 2 years to get that with training, and here I had it in one week! The effects are that quick. I did not experience any infections or redness. The MCT oil I used was PURE 100%, an Australian brand. I have heard some brands aren't pure MCT and have additives which I have heard cause shocking pain. I did try to make my own Synthol using local anaesthetic but the two didn't mix in solution and remained separated. I didn't seek out benzyl alcohol once the lidocaine didn't work out. I also didn't really persue making it because of the stuff's "downside". The downside to using Synthol or MCT oil IMO is scar tissue formation from the repeated shots. It became noticably more difficult to inject into each muscle over time. You can feel hard tissue deep within the muscle which certainly doesn't feel normal. I had a massage not so long ago, and got embarrasssing queries as to these lumps.

So I stopped using the stuff. I got sick of shooting oil 2-3 times a week into various muscles...too many needles even for me! Within a month after using the oils for about 2 months, all the size increase was gone. Yes that's correct, no extra size was retained. So you must continue to use these oils for a long time, perhaps 6 months to have any hope of getting permanent size increase. Taking shot 2 times a week for 6 months is not on for me. I didn't like all the shots and the scar tissue thing I didnt like either. It's bad enough getting scar tissue from anabolic steroids let alone this stuff as well. Leave MCT oil/Synthol for the pros or alternatively, say a month or so out from a comp. I think this is the place for this stuff, not mainstream recreational bodybuilding.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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